Welcome to Otraway, a boutique marketing studio specializing in promotional products and reliable, creative digital marketing services. Otra means “Another” in Spanish and we strive to create an "Otraway” to level up your marketing.

Why Our Clients Choose Us:

Excellence in Customer Service

Yes, you can go online and order some promo products for your brand. *Or* you can work with us, we order for you, we choose the ones we know are the best already, and you might even spend less... if we can make the call and ensure your stuff comes on time, we're happy to step up and alleviate your stress.

Transparency & Trust

Honest communication with up to the moment details about the status of an order or project. We won’t sell you something you don’t need - and if we think something won’t work, we tell you even if you don’t want to hear it. We don’t overcharge and only recommend products we’ve seen and touched. We work with the best vendors available.

Creative Partnership

We're committed to helping you make a powerful first impression. If you're not sure what to do, we're the ones who can give you ideas. Sometimes you want what you want, but you might not be sure. In those cases, we’re happy to make stellar recommendations that amplify your brand's message.


Amanda Mottola

A natural marketer and entrepreneur this young woman has enough passion and enthusiasm to light up the room. She is not your typical owner and will go above and beyond for you.

We Got

as shared by our founder, amanda

The American Dream and family has always meant so much to me. I was adopted from Paraguay at a young age to an amazing American family. My family was always open and honest with me so not a day went by that I didn’t understand I was different (in a good way) and traveled far to get here (4,712.73 miles to be exact). Fortunately, my family always treated me like one of them and instilled priceless values and lessons. Lessons and values that I cherish to this day.

​Flash forward two decades, I began working various marketing jobs never truly finding my spot in the business world. The ceilings kept getting lower and lower and I felt like I was living in Groundhog Day. I found myself wanting more out of my career and life. In 2015, I traveled to Paraguay and Argentina and located my biological family. It was a profound and mind-blowing experience that changed the trajectory of my life. I was deeply impacted by the lack of opportunity and the level of poverty I saw.

Upon my return to the U.S. I was inspired to do something. One evening after our monthly Board of Directors meeting, I explained to one of my colleagues that I felt compelled to do something for my community based on all the things I saw on my journey. He convinced me to run for the Board of Education in Wallingford, Connecticut. A few short weeks after the political seed was planted, I was knee-deep in campaigning with only a few months until the election.

​I was a relatively new resident in town, the youngest candidate and the only Hispanic candidate to run not to mention I was up against many incumbents who had all the name recognition you could hope for. Despite the odds, I was elected to the 7th out of 9 seats. It was a humbling and time-intensive experience and I declined to run for re-election because I was ready for the next stage.

​In 2018, my family of two became three and I was simultaneously subject to a disheartening mass lay off. Rather than letting it get me down, I pushed forward as a new mom and decided to never look back. Business ownership has always been a dream of mine so I truly feel that I am on the path to the American Dream.

This amazing promotional product company was born from a difficult time and I am honored to be able to share my decade of marketing experience with you!

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