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Welcome to Otraway, where we are empowering purposeful philanthropy.

Otraway is your trusted guide in the world of giving, connecting donors and vetted non-profits to create a meaningful impact together.


Navigating the Path to Purposeful Giving

Otraway is not just a platform, but a catalyst for meaningful, impactful change. We offer a host of services designed to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of philanthropic endeavors.

Our core offerings include:

  • Conducting Current Asset & Opportunity Assessments:
    We perform detailed evaluations to help non-profits  and donors identify and leverage their assets and opportunities for maximum impact.
  • Giving Campaign Strategy and Narrative Support:
    Our team aids in shaping compelling campaign strategies and narratives, enabling donors to effectively tell their philanthropic stories and engage their audiences on a deeper level.
  • Vetted Non-profit Partnership Strategy and Relationship Management:
    Through our rigorous vetting process, we connect donors with a curated selection of trustworthy non-profits, and foster these partnerships with robust relationship management strategies.
  • Social Impact Program Implementation:
    We work closely with non-profits and donors to implement social impact programs that create tangible, positive change in our communities and beyond.
  • Creating Impact Measurement Reports:
    We provide comprehensive impact measurement reports, allowing donors to see the real-world effects of their contributions, and non-profits to evaluate and optimize their operations.

With Otraway, donors gain access to a trustworthy database of vetted non-profits, ensuring their donations will make a genuine difference. Non-profits, in turn, benefit from our professional services, gaining visibility and support from those who share their vision. At Otraway, we’re more than a bridge between non-profits and donors – we’re a compass guiding you on your journey to impactful, purposeful giving.


    Excellence in Service

    Yes, you can go online and order some promo products for your brand. *Or* you can work with us, we order for you, we choose the ones we know are the best already, and you might even spend less… if we can make the call and ensure your stuff comes on time, we’re happy to step up and alleviate your stress.

    Transparency & Trust

    Honest communication with up-to-the-moment details about the status of an order or project. We won’t sell you something you don’t need – and if we think something won’t work, we tell you even if you don’t want to hear it. We don’t overcharge and only recommend products we’ve seen and touched. We partner with A-rated production facilities, only the best for our clients!

    Creative Partnership

    We’re committed to helping you make a powerful first impression that carries on long after the first interaction. If you’re not sure what to do, we’re the ones who can give you ideas. Sometimes you want what you want, but you might not be sure. In those cases, we’re happy to make stellar recommendations that amplify your brand’s message.

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